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Protect My Mobility

Being an advocate for Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) can be as simple as sending an email to your Legislators making them aware of the challenges to appropriate access for people with disabilities and asking them for their support.  The more voices delivering our CRT message the better!

Without your help, Congress will not fully understand how CRT maximizes independence and protects the health of the individuals who depend on it. Review the current CRT issues below and use the links provided to contact your Members of Congress today to protect access!

Issue #1: CMS Must Stop July 1 Cuts to CRT Manual Wheelchair Accessories
In December 2019, Congress passed an eighteen‐month policy suspension that temporarily prevented CMS from using Medicare Competitive Bidding Program (CBP) pricing for Standard wheelchair accessories to set payment rates for CRT manual wheelchair accessories. These CRT products are not off‐the‐shelf commodity items and CBP pricing for Standard wheelchair accessories should not be applied to much different CRT wheelchair accessories. CMS has agreed to extend this suspension through October 30 but has not yet been able to make the permanent policy changes needed to protect access for people with disabilities who rely on CRT manual wheelchairs. To learn more about this issue, read the position paper here.

Email your Members of Congress by clicking HERE to ask that they contact CMS and urge they take action. 

Issue #2: Ask Congress to Make PT and OT Permanent Telehealth Practitioners
Physical Therapists (PTs) and Occupational Therapists (OTs), people with disabilities, and others have reported that telehealth options for the provision of CRT have brought many benefits throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important that PTs and OTs retain the ability to provide telehealth services after the Public Health Emergency to care for their clients with complex medical conditions who may not be able to get to a clinic or be seen in-person for CRT evaluations and follow up. H.R. 2168 was introduced in the House of Representatives and would permanently designate PT and OT as authorized telehealth practitioners.

Email your Members of Congress by clicking HERE to ask that they pass this important legislation for individuals with disabilities.