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Federal and State Work in 2023

Federal and State Work in 2023

Establishing Medicare Coverage for Power Seat Elevation and Power Standing Systems

Medicare currently DOES NOT cover power seat elevation and power standing systems used with CRT power wheelchairs. Clinical evidence shows these CRT systems provide significant medical benefits to people with disabilities and enable them to be much more independent in their homes and communities. 

NCART will continue to collaborate with the ITEM Coalition-led initiative to secure Medicare coverage for power seat elevation and power standing systems. CMS has been reviewing stakeholder comments submitted in 2022 regarding power seat elevation systems as well as information submitted within the application for coverage; a proposed decision memo is expected in February 2023. This will be followed by another 30-day public comment period. A final coverage determination for power seat elevation systems is expected in May. Following that announcement, NCART will continue to actively partner with the ITEM Coalition and others to secure coverage, coding, and pricing. 

Stakeholders have continued to seek clarity from CMS about when the 30-day comment period for power standing systems can be expected. To date, CMS has not offered any additional detail regarding an anticipated timeframe. Visit for more details. 

Industry Relief

CRT providers and manufacturers are committed to supplying important CRT products and supporting services to individuals with disabilities. However, these companies and their staff continue to face significant challenges that must be addressed:

  • Increased payroll expenses due to the need to retain qualified staff.
  • Increased freight charges.
  • Difficulties in obtaining products and supplies in a timely manner.
  • Increased raw material costs, product costs, and surcharges.
  • Increased distribution and delivery expenses.

We will continue to work alongside other industry organizations to push this message on the federal and state level in 2023. Our goal will be to seek the needed support and relief that CRT providers and manufacturers require to provide timely access to their customers.

CRT Service and Repair Reform

Timely and professional repair and service is an essential part of providing Complex Rehab Technology. The related issues and solutions are complex and must be properly analyzed and developed to ensure appropriate actions are taken.

NCART continues to work with our provider and manufacturer members and others in the CRT community to advocate for policies that improve reliable access to these services on the federal and state level. Stakeholders have met to identify areas of needed reform and have begun collecting information that will be used in our advocacy efforts. 

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