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Do you know someone or are YOU a person that depends upon your wheelchair, wheelchair accessories and seating system to maintain your independence?

If so, you know that staying independent in everyday life can be a challenge!

Medicare recently announced they are lowering reimbursement rates for complex rehab wheelchair accessories. This is a blatant violation of the protection these medically necessary devices received from Congress via the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) in 2008.

Important!If not rescinded, this policy will have a profoundly negative impact on millions of Americans with severe disabilities!

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What is the Reason for the Change?

Medicare has offered various reasons for this change. However, it has offered no clinical or medical evidence as to why this change is necessary.

While Medicare's plan will certainly make claims processing easier for them, that is not a justifiable reason to reduce access to critically needed goods and services for Americans living with severe disabilities!

What Medical Equipment is Affected?

The following complex wheelchair system components would be harder to access or completely eliminated:

  • Seat and back cushions that provide proper positioning and pressure release
  • Power recline & tilt systems to change positioning for better breathing, blood flow and pressure ulcer prevention
  • Specialty drive controls for individuals who must use alternative means to operate their complex wheelchairs

Why We Can't Let This Happen!

Everyday life is already difficult for millions of Americans with severe disabilities.

Putting this new policy into place would make getting vital complex rehab wheelchair accessories more difficult – if not impossible – for those who truly need them.

  • Step 3: Contact Your Representative